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CISTICanada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CISTICanadian Institute of Telecommunications Engineers
CISTICivil Space Technology Initiative
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Noting CISTI is a leader in technical innovation in document delivery, Jim Tumolo, UMI's Vice President of Marketing and Development, Corporate Division, said, "With this agreement we can expand the range of documents available to CISTI's core audience, which is the scientific, technical and medical community.
Since its inception in 1929, the Canadian Journal of Chemistry has been published by the NRC Research Press, now part of CISTI of the NRC.
Today, document scanning is becoming common and companies like CISTI, EBSCOdoc, KR Sourceone, and others, are taking advantage of this technology at one or all of their source locations.
In addition, CISTI coordinates the on-line MEDLARS (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System) service in Canada for the U.
The CISTI patent search provides: a list of patent titles with summaries; search results by mail, electronic mail, fax or diskette; sources for obtaining patent documentation; complete confidentiality.
After 1982, this file was transferred to the NRC library (better known as CISTI -- the Canadian Institute for Scientific and Technical Information) where it was placed on a mainframe computer and continues to serve as an on-line database.
Besides these central facilities, CISTI also has 14 branches serving NRC staff across the Country.
Our hands-on experiences with the EJOS platform convinced us we can now work with, search, link and manage our local electronic journal collections more effectively," said Bernard Dumouchel, Director General of CISTI, which is based in Ottawa.
NASDAQ/NM: OVID) announced today that it has reached an agreement with the Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (CISTI) under which CISTI will provide Ovid users with document delivery service.
Margot Montgomery, Director General of CISTI, stated that, "We were impressed with Base4's innovative approaches to scientific collaboration and their awareness of the needs of Canadian biotechnology researchers.
The Giga recognition award was presented to CISTI fr its progressive design and implementation of an outstanding technology solution.