CITELComisión Interamericana de Telecomunicaciones (Inter-American Telecommunications Commission)
CITELColorado International Teachers' Exchange League (est. 1985)
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About CITEL : Since 1937, CITEL has manufactured a complete line of surge protective devices to protect sensitive equipment from the harmful effects of lightning strikes and other line disturbances.
CITEL is a group under the umbrella of the Organization of American States that also reports as a regional organization to the International Telecommunications Union.
14) The International Telecommunications Union had described number portability in the 2005 edition Blue Book on Telecommunications Policies for the Americas, a reference guide produced by CITEL that encapsulates the status of policies across many of its member States.
17) In the same year, CITEL published a 14-page technical paper with number portability implementation options and standards that CITEL disseminated to the membership.
In examining the documents produced by both CITEL and APEC the political influence of Brazil and Mexico is revealed as more apparent, suggesting that policy diffusion patterns may take place in regions more subtly defined than in a five-region world in Table 1.
CITEL offered the only forum where the governments of the Hemisphere could get together with the private sector to discuss common problems and new developments.
CITEL has existed for approximately one hundred years in various forms, but it was in 1993 that the OAS General Assembly approved a statute establishing the commission and containing provisions for associate membership for the private sector.
The CITEL program of activities endorsed by the Summit is aimed at addressing these needs.
We were extremely proud to work together with CITEL on this important event to engage with policymakers and industry leaders from across the Americas," said Sebastian Bellagamba, Internet Society Regional Bureau Director, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Please stop by booth 8638 to visit CITEL and learn more
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First, the CITEL Video Group of Paris has taken on the manufacturing and sales of the company's children's library for DVD and video in the French language for the French speaking territories including France, Monaco, Switzerland and Belgium for a period of five years.