CITFCertificate in International Trade and Finance (professional qualification)
CITFCriminal Investigation Task Force (US DoD)
CITFCapital Improvement Trust Fund
CITFCritical Illness and Trauma Foundation
CITFConservation Innovations Task Force
CITFCold Integrated Test Facility
CITFCommercial-Industrial Type Function
CITFCultural Industries Training Fund (Yukon, Canada)
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Subject COP [chief of police] demanded P30,000 from a perya operator and prevented the latter to haul away their equipment unless the money was given,' the CITF said.
The CITF is supported by the British Bankers Association and has been developed in consultation with trade finance experts from across the world.
On the sidelines of the CITM Shanghai and the CITF Chengdu, the Embassy of Sri Lanka together with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau also organized "Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Road Shows" in Hangzhou on 19 November 2012 and in Chengdu on 01 December 2012.
CJ2 Bagram * MI Collection Point * MP (BCP) * CITF * Legal Advisor June 2005-Jan.
However, the coefficient of variation for the PHT was very wide (49 to 65%) and the CITF showed little change.
Day five completed the case management system training and focused on briefings regarding combat crime scene examinations, a case study presentation, and the CITF interview protocol.
Mr Caborn told them: "In requesting this workshop, I wanted to provide a forum to raise awareness of what is being done by the CITF.
Samples from 5 to 14 donors were run for each inhibitor and the paired t-test was used to compare each inhibitor vs control to determine the significance of effect on PHT or CITF.
Based on the CITF data, a total of 1,535 policemen are currently on their monitoring list for involvement in various illegal activities.
The police scalawags were arrested in 24 counter-intelligence operations since the CITF was formed in January last year.
According to the ministry's public relations officer, Ms Tidimalo Palai, the objective of the road shows, which will be held in Maun, Sehithwa, Nokaneng and Gumare respectively will be an activation to sensitise people on the launch and official opening of the first CITF satellite centre in the region.
Jeff Lenning, CPA, CITF, is the author of Excel University (www.