CITHCat in the Hat (Dr Seuss movie/book)
CITHCentral Institute of Temperate Horticulture (India)
CITHCorey in the House (TV show)
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Nazir Ahmed, Director of CITH, the programme will prove very useful for the participants and it is hoped that they will make best use of the experience gained in this programme.
These officers have come here to learn the advanced mode of cultivation techniques developed by the CITH so that they could also help in increase of the production or productivity of Afghan because the climate of Kashmir and Afghanistan is almost similar," said Dr.
Essentra Security will complete the project in partnership with prime contractor SCC through the commoditised IT hardware and software ( CITHS ) framework, and Ultra ID manufacturer of Magicard ID card printers.
This vastly improves our position from the out-going CITHS framework and makes us an ideal one-stop-shop for the commoditised technology needs of the UK s public sector.