CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information Services
CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information System
CITISComputed Industrial Tomographic Imaging System
CITISCommunications and IT (Information Technology) in Shipping (conference)
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Formtek's CALS CITIS strategy embraces an open systems environment, the adoption of international standards, the coordination of emerging industry standards and the recognition of commercial best practices for a secure, shared data environment.
CITISOLUTION represents the only truly CITIS COTS shared data environment which can be implemented without extensive software development or customization.
Sherpa/Web supports the CITIS (Contractor Integrated Technical Information Service) security model for aerospace and defense organizations by linking contractors, suppliers and customers to Sherpa's PDM system according to the MIL-STD 974 specification.
The functional areas Bahrs considers most critical in the new developing standards are computer software development, systems engineering, engineering drawing practices, integrated logistics support, CALS, CITIS, ISO standards and application protocols, technical data packages and acquisition practices.