CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information Services
CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information System
CITISComputed Industrial Tomographic Imaging System
CITISCommunications and IT (Information Technology) in Shipping (conference)
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and consequently promote and help consolidate our Faculty, an enterprise in which we have all struggled during these last years on various fronts that, in all fairness, deserve to be mentioned here: the pioneer Congreso de Traduccion e Interpretacion de Soria / CITIS (1993), when times were harder; the course Traduccion de la Teoria a la Practica (1997); the course Documentacion Aplicada a la Traduccion (1997); the Simposio Internacional de Soria de Interpretacion de Conferencias / SISIC (1998); and the seminar Documentacion, Terminologia y Traduccion (1998).
Only a handful of employees are authorized to view CITIS data, so the network management section segments CITIS traffic to its own VLAN, separating it from the rest of the network.
The concepts of CITIS, in accordance with the MIL-STD-974 for defense system contracting, and generalized for commercial, supply-chain management applications, can be utilized to achieve virtual enterprise integration capabilities.
The functional areas Bahrs considers most critical in the new developing standards are computer software development, systems engineering, engineering drawing practices, integrated logistics support, CALS, CITIS, ISO standards and application protocols, technical data packages and acquisition practices.