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CITTACities as International and Transnational Actors (European Science Foundation)
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Notwithstanding that, Messer Nicolo Vitelli in our times has been seen to demolish two fortresses in Citta di Castello so that he might keep that state; Guido Ubaldo, Duke of Urbino, on returning to his dominion, whence he had been driven by Cesare Borgia, razed to the foundations all the fortresses in that province, and considered that without them it would be more difficult to lose it; the Bentivogli returning to Bologna came to a similar decision.
4:17), Crispolti individua poi in Caino il primo fondatore della citta, suggerendo cosi una qualche connessione tra il suo atto feroce, l'uccisione di Abele, e la violenza di cui e sede la citta.
Kevin Allen added: "Aside from initially freaking out the horses on set, Citta and Sandra were sweethearts.
And Paul's place as the world's premier alternative score predictor looked safe enough after Citta called it wrong in the opening game of Euro 2012 - tipping Poland to beat Greece while it ended 1-1.
Whereas Paul the Octopus was the original self-made psychic, Citta had to come through an X-Factor style competition to earn her chance.
Jozef Skotnicki, director of Krakow zoo in Poland, said Citta, pictured, was chosen over a donkey, a parrot and another elephant after she correctly predicted that Chelsea would win the Champions League final.
La citta morta represents his first attempt to incorporate the ancient spirit, as he saw it, into a modern tragedy.
971 4 323 0333Luigi's: Have a delicious New Years Eve Italian meal at Centro Citta followed by an exciting countdown celebration at Yesterday's.
Citta said: "I just want to thank all the businesses, everyone who helped organise the night and The Deck for holding it.
Thus, Italian Futurist Luigi Russolo rightfully stands as one of sound art's originators, not because he embraced noise over music (inspiring the early experiments of John Cage, among others) but because works like Risveglio di una citta (Awakening of a City), 1913, attempted to convert that noise into an imaginary cityscape portrait.
It says Yogas Citta Vritti Nirodhah: "Yoga is the stilling of the thought-waves of the mind.
New York City's changing Hudson Riverfront will capture international attention this month when the renowned Venice Biennale inaugurates the new Citta d'Acqua (Cities on Water) exhibition on a floating pavilion in the Venice Lagoon.