CIUPCité Internationale Universitaire de Paris (French: University of Paris International City; Paris, France)
CIUPCommunity Infrastructure Upgrading Program (Tanzania; World Bank)
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The CIUP will integrate three technologies: biomass conversion, Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Reverse Osmosis, generating large quantities of electricity and water without producing any C02 emissions whatsoever.
Professor Ir Reginald Theijs is the founder of CIUP which was developed under the Ministry.
ITS, in cooperation with Professor Reginald Theijs and Deputy for the Minister of Development of Disadvantaged Regions lr Tatag Wiranto will provide all necessary facilities and engineering support to integrate the CIUP working in cooperation with primary suppliers including a UK Fuel Cell supplier in initial ground trials before primary implementation in the field is scheduled to take place in 2009.
The CIUP is the most dynamic and technologically advanced and environmentally friendly program under the Ministry for the Development of Disadvantaged Regions to achieve this goal as the program will cover about 6 million families, who will get free access to electricity and drinking water.
En el tema del arte, el CIUP abrio un programa de investigacion que tiene como objetivo "revalorar socialmente la educacion artistica; para lo que se plantea revisar los marcos interpretativos con los cuales se concibe la educacion artistica, pues son susceptibles de presentar anacronismos y descontextualizaciones" (Universidad Pedagogica Nacional, 2007).
relates to the CIUP (Community Integrated Utility Program) project that aims to provide 32 million households with the ability to produce electricity and potable drinking water over the next 10 years.
En Serie: Cuadernos de Investigacion, 15, Lima: CIUP, CIE, septiembre 1992, 78 pp.
Major organization : CIUP FONDATION NATIONALE (784 562 878)
Address : CIUP Fondation Nationale784 562 87817 Bd Jourdanparis75014 Contact Person: Aurore Legay-Juy