CIVBConseil Interprofessionel des Vins de Bordeaux (French: Bordeaux Wine Board)
CIVBCombustion Induced Vortex Breakdown
CIVBConfiguration Interaction Valence Bond
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The CIVB will be working with travel companies to promote the 2006 'La Fete du Vin' wine show in Bordeaux in 2006, which attracts around 350,000 visitors.
To reinforce the message, the CIVB has conducted a nationwide roadshow giving members of the trade a hands-on opportunity to taste the wines, and as it passed through Birmingham, I took full advantage to see what was on offer My general verdict was that the standard overall was good, and many wines were worthy of attention.
The CIVB wants to see more wines being produced specifically to meet the tastes of certain target audiences, for example young British adults.
A well-known Bordeaux n6gociant and former CIVB vice-president, Delpeuch has worked as director of the Castel Freres Group and most recently as general director of Bordeaux merchant Ginestet.
Will the CIVB really risk "outing" one of its flagship producers or declassifying a First Growth?
In an effort to regain consumer confidence--and sell more wine--the Bordeaux CIVB has announced that tough new quality standards are being imposed and that any wine not meeting them will be held off the market.
In the current economic climate, the annual Today's Bordeaux list is more relevant than ever before," says Pascal Loridon, Director of Marketing for the CIVB.
The CIVB hopes to convince shoppers that Bordeaux is about "quality and affordable" wines priced between 5 [pounds sterling] and 15 [pounds sterling] as well as the renowned Grands Crus Classes.
This contract is to select a research company which will be able to provide the CIVB, a list of statistics, documents, studies and/or data bases which exist in China, written in Chinese or in another language, relevant to the Chinese market in general and the wine market in particular and to describe how it intends to provide the C.
The CIVB has sponsored 38 tastings of this kind in 12 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.
The CIVB has signed up as a main sponsor of London Fashion Week-End for September this year and February in 2003.
The Today's Bordeaux list represents the many faces of Bordeaux," says Pascal Loridon, Director of Marketing for the CIVB.