CIVPOLCivilian Police
CIVPOLUnited Nations Civilian Police in Kosovo
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government's program for training and supervising Haiti's police force was "fully coordinated and complementary" with the efforts of CIVPOL.
The mounted force's role is to take charge of the scene and either transport the captured smugglers and material to the detention facility, or to assist the dismounted squad in securing the scene until CIVPOL and KPS arrive to hand the detainees over to civil authorities for criminal prosecution.
In fact, during one PICAC meeting a CIVPOL investigator from the Kacanik municipality mentioned a criminal's name in association with a known gang.
this void in institutional capacity can be bridged by effective use of international civilian trainers and mentors, including CIVPOL.
However, the DFAT volume argues that the discussions produced a positive result in that, after difficult negotiations, the Indonesian side accepted an augmented number of UN CIVPOL (civilian police) in the projected United Nations presence and also approved the establishment of an Australian consulate in Dili.
At an UNTAET press briefing, CIVPOL spokesman Luis Carrilho is asked about the contraband flooding Dili's streets.
CIVPOL monitoring units are typically formed of police volunteers from many contributing countries under the aegis of the United Nations, a regional security organization, or, in some cases, a bilateral government program.
Bilateral assistance programs, coordinated with or managed by CIVPOL, provide the bulk of financial and technical support for retraining of domestic police forces.
In cases where killings or intimidation are involved, the Component conducts a preliminary mission with CIVPOL and drafts a joint report.
KFOR and CIVPOL performed better during the violence in Mitrovica in northern Kosovo on March 17, 2008.
The twelve members will join the SAPS Headquarter Element in Darfur, made up of five members under the command of Director Anand Pillay, who is also the Commissioner of the CIVPOL component of the African Union's peace keeping mission in Sudan.
Immediately following the March riots, the process of transfer of jurisdiction over local police stations from KFOR to CIVPOL and KPS was halted; subsequently, transfer continued, and all thirty-two jurisdictions in Kosovo were under local KPS patrol at the end of the period covered by this report.