CIVRConference on Image and Video Retrieval
CIVRChallenge of Image and Video Retrieval (biannual conference)
CIVRComputer and Interactive Voice Response
CIVRConfiguration Item Verification Review
CIVRCanadian Insurance Vendor Registry (London, Ontario, Canada)
CIVRCornell Information and Visitor Relations (Cornell University)
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Since publications have different quality and impact, and the different research areas do not have a common basis for comparison, in this paper we refer to a two-step productivity/quality index, which derives from CIVR evaluation and has been estimated by the NUV of the University of Firenze.
If we bring back these reflections to the evaluating process put in action by the CIVR (Italian Center for the Evaluation of Research) in the determination of the criteria (quality, importance, originality, innovation, internationalization) according to which the products of the scientific research are evaluated, we must first of all interrogate ourselves about the contet of these criteria, considering the fact that the evaluation process of the product must follow some important and sufficiently clear passages like the definition of the object of control and of the dimensions on which carrying out the analysis, the collection of the necessary information to evaluation, the elaboration of the information, the construction of the signals and the drawing up of the report.
Image retrieval interfaces: A user perspective, CIVR 2004 (Peter Enser et al.
A hybrid CTI application called CIVR (computer and interactive voice response) prompts the customer for specific information before the operator receives the call.