CIVSCondorcet Internet Voting Service
CIVSCompensation of Victims of Spoliation (France)
CIVSCenter for International Voluntary Service (Kenya)
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For the parasite control in the routine of CIVS, the birds were dewormed (with fenbendazole or ivermectin) upon arrival and twice at year.
2%), even with constant arrival of new infested birds to CIVS.
The monitoring of ectoparasitism should be a routine part of the health care of incoming and long-term captive raptors of conservation centers like the CIVS, since parasite prevention and monitoring programs require minimal time and cost (Morishita 1997).
The CIVS has a release program of some rehabilited raptors, which may occur in protected areas of Mexico.
For all these reasons, in conservation centers such as the CIVS, a health assessment that includes physical examination, fecal and blood parasite evaluation, hematology and plasma biochemical analysis should be performed routinely (trimestrial or half-yearly) in incoming and long-term captive raptors.
Furthermore, due to the fact that the CIVS is also a rehabilitation center of wild birds of prey, the knowledge of the causes of morbidity and mortality of incoming and long-term captive raptors, may provide insight into the health status and conservation of wild populations which should be studied in the future.
VoiceStream also assumed debt of $675 million from the CIVS ventures after paying off the FCC debt.
The CIVS acquisition will be accounted for as a purchase transaction.
CIVS is one of the nation's leading credentialing companies and significantly enhances our physician database product line by extending our product set into the growing area of credentialing healthcare providers.
CIVS provides cost-effective and efficient services for the verification of healthcare provider credentials, which must be conducted every two years by hospitals and MCOs in order to maintain accreditation.