CIVSCondorcet Internet Voting Service
CIVSCompensation of Victims of Spoliation (France)
CIVSCenter for International Voluntary Service (Kenya)
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VoiceStream also assumed debt of $675 million from the CIVS ventures after paying off the FCC debt.
The CIVS acquisition will be accounted for as a purchase transaction.
CIVS is one of the nation's leading credentialing companies and significantly enhances our physician database product line by extending our product set into the growing area of credentialing healthcare providers.
Earlier this year, the CD-MAX(TM) information commerce system was incorporated into PrimeSource(TM), a product of CIVS, Inc.
Imark's CD-MAX service provides CIVS with a comprehensive information commerce solution to ensure payment by registered users for access to the information in the PrimeSource database.
Selecting Imark's information commerce service gives information companies like CIVS the opportunity to concentrate on their core competencies: content development and marketing of their content.