CIWCCalifornia Immigrant Welfare Collaborative
CIWCCloud Ice Water Content (meteorology)
CIWCCoalition and Irregular Warfare Center of Excellence
CIWCCentral Indiana Wilderness Club (est. 1982; Indianapolis, IN)
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CIWC paid only $10,000 for the assets but will invest an additional $175,000 in system improvements for water quality and operational improvements.
In cooperation with Illinois state agencies, CIWC agreed to acquire these systems, make improvements necessary to improve water quality and operations and bring them up to state and federal standards.
CIWC manages and operates eight water divisions and five wastewater collection and treatment facilities.
CIWC manages and operates eight divisions engaged in the collection, treatment, and distribution of potable water for homes, businesses, industries and fire protection service.
CIWC President Terry Rakocy said, "We are very pleased to have Village Woods customers among those we serve.
Village Woods is the fourth growth venture completed by CIWC.
With the financial and administrative support of Will County, CIWC was able to solve environmental problems at this small troubled system.
CIWC is contacting its customers and all medical centers and hospitals in the area to notify them of the changeover in water treatment processes.
Since 1986, CIWC has utilized "plain" chlorine as the disinfectant to remove any harmful bacteria from the water both in the treatment plant and in the water distribution system.
As a result of the lower nitrate level, CIWC is suspending its voluntary program of offering free bottled water to customers with infant children.
The Village of Bradley is the first acquisition for CIWC since the merger, but the seventh for PSC this year.
CIWC is a subsidiary of Philadelphia Suburban Corporation, headquartered in Bryn Mawr, PA, which is currently one of the largest investor-owned water utilities currently serving 1.