CIWFCompassion In World Farming
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CIWF has been campaigning for the closure of the Karantina slaughterhouse for over a year now.
She said footage recorded by CIWF found pigs kept in appalling conditions, from filthy barren pens and pigs covered in excrement and flies to sick pigs left to die in dingy corridors.
CIWF spokesman Peter Stevenson said: "This should set alarm bells ringing at the Commission and the 17 member states that are not going to comply with the ban.
CIWF will work with its project partner, World Society for the Protection of Animals, with a view to launching the tool in a year's time.
Consumers concerned about farm animal welfare can request copies of the Compassionate Shoppers Guide by calling CIWF on (01730) 264 208.
You can join the fight by calling the CIWF on 01730 264208 or writing to: CIWF, Charles House, 5a Charles Street, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU32 3EH.
CIWF, 5A Charles Street, Petersfield, Hants GU32 3EH Tel: 01730 263252 Web: www.
It's clear that CIWF is the choice for coverage of the silent era.
This attracted over 800 CIWF supporters and the backing of 26 animal welfare societies.
According to CIWF, the expose prompted nearly 100,000 people to email caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan.
Our winners are responsible for improving the lives of millions of farm animals in the UK," said CIWF head of food business Katy Read.
Some are better than others - eg, those of Waitrose and M&S, according to CIWF.