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CJCCanadian Jewish Congress (Congrès Juif Canadien)
CJCCriminal Justice Commission (Queensland, Australia)
CJCCanadian Judicial Council
CJCCriminal Justice Center
CJCCommission on Judicial Conduct
CJCChicago Jobs Council
CJCCommunity Justice Center (various locations)
CJCConfédération des Jeunes Chercheurs (French: Confederation of Young Researchers)
CJCCollectif Jeune Cinéma (French film association)
CJCCatholic Junior College (Singapore)
CJCChief Justice of Canada
CJCCoalition for Jubilee Clemency
CJCCodex Juris Canonici (Latin: Codex of the Canon Law)
CJCCold Junction Compensator (used with thermocouples)
CJCContact Juggling Convention
CJCCertified Junior Culinarian (American Culinary Federation)
CJCCanadian Joint Council
CJCCollege of Journalism and Communication
CJCCanadian Journal of Communication
CJCCrime and Justice Commission (Trinidad and Tobago)
CJCColegio Jacques Cousteau (school)
CJCCanadian Journal of Chemistry (est. 1929)
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Existing court buildings in Leamington and Stratford - and possibly Warwick Crown Court - would close and magistrates would move to the CJC, along with police, the Crown Prosecution Service and probation staff.
To further improve currency through Scifinder Scholar, we are working with the CSC executive in approaching the ACS to allow an article by article loading of CJC content.
Mr Straw said 10 similar centres have now been set up in different parts of the country after the CJC proved community punishments were a realistic alternative to prison.
It is remarkable that the forerunners of ACCN and CJC were launched within a year of each other and that both have survived, adapted and prospered during the tumultuous times since, while retaining their essential raisons d'etre.
The centre will be the first in the country, and act as a blueprint for a second CJC, in the south of the county.
The centre will be the first in the country, and a blueprint for a second CJC, to be sited in Warwick of Leamington.
He then went into the CJC to tour its unique courtroom and meet a former offender who turned his life around by working with centre staff.
Up to four sites in the town centre were being considered for the new CJC, which brings Warwickshire Police, the probation service, magistrates' courts, Crown Prosecution Service and other agencies together under one roof.
REVIEW hearings are an important crimefighting tool at the CJC.
John Rennie, chair of the Warwickshire Police Authority, met yesterday with Mr Olner, County Cllr June Tandy (Lab, Attleborough) and Chief Superintendent Tony Melville to celebrate the decision to build the CJC in the town centre.