CJCJCenter on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (San Francisco, CA, USA)
CJCJCouncil of Juvenile Court Judges (Georgia)
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Table 3: Leading Producers of Tryptophan Worldwide (2011):Percentage Breakdown of Volume Sales for Ajinomoto, CJCJ,Evonik, GBT and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-5
Breakdown of Volume Sales for CJCJ, Ajinomoto, Star Lake,
Al Shaver -- CJOY AM, Guelph, Ontario; CJCJ, AM, Calgary, Alberta; CHAT AM Medicine Hat, Alberta; CFRN AM, Edmonton, Alberta; CKGM AM, CFCF TV, Montreal, Quebec; CKEY, Toronto, Ontario; WCCO AM, KSTP AM, Minneapolis/St.