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CJCSChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (US DoD)
CJCSCummings Jewish Centre for Seniors (Canada)
CJCSCenter for Jewish Community Studies (Baltimore, MD)
CJCSCriminal Justice and Court Services Act (UK)
CJCSCathedral and John Connon School
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A recent example is the difference between the current practice regarding the Secretary of Defense campaign and contingency plan reviews and the current policy as articulated in a CJCS instruction.
Today, financial management (FM) expertise in Joint operations or Joint matters is one of those critical, enduring skills needed to allow the CJCS and UCC commanders to execute their statutory responsibilities.
outside of DoD airspace should be sent up to the CJCS through normal
In fact, one of the duties of the CJCS is to report any "unnecessary duplication of effort among the armed forces" and "changes in technology that can be applied effectively to warfare.
The CNO's Guidance supports the CJCS and presents the CNO's vision and goals: "The vision we seek is: Americans secure at home and abroad; sea and air lanes open and free for the peaceful, productive movement of international commerce; enduring national and international naval relationships that remain strong and true; steadily deepening cooperation among the maritime forces .
Besides the Secretary of Defense's letter, the CJCS provides the appropriate host country military counterpart with information introducing the SDO/DATT as DOD's senior diplomatic representative to the host country.
They would pancake any opposition and then pound the pancake flatter yet; the strategy, labeled the "Powell Doctrine" after former CJCS General Colin Powell, was designed to minimize U.
0, signed by the CJCS on 22 January, outlines a vision for the joint forces of 2016 to 2028.
Defense acquisition policy for weapons and information technology systems, including discussion of the DoD 5000 series (directive and instruction) and the CJCS 3170 series (instruction and manual)
He commanded 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry during Operation Joint Forge and served on the Joint Staff as a CJCS Planner during Operation Allied Force.
The CJCS routinely considers roles and missions issues as part of his advice, and through development and drafting of the Unified Command Plan.
Collins to Assistant to Secretary of Defense, 15 April 1957, RG 218, CJCS Radford, box 16, 091 Palestine.