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CJICCNET (C|net the Computer Network) Japan Innovation Conference
CJICCriminal Justice Information Center
CJICCriminal Justice Impact Conference (Florida Department of Corrections)
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By cooperating with CJIC, we expect this project will provide JinkoSolar with future opportunities in Kenya's solar power plant industry.
GM of CJIC, Guojian Xu added: "Through cooperation, we hope to build a long-term relationship to harness both our unique advantages and open a new chapter for the construction of PV power plants in Africa.
The Company is prepared to reduce the time taken to reach full equalisation from 2009, as per the current agreement, to an earlier date; - Further talks under the auspices of ACAS will be held next week (provisionally Wednesday 10 December); - Any proposed resolution agreed by Sellafield shift workers will be ratified by the Company's joint negotiating body, the Company Joint Industrial Council (CJIC); - The CJIC will also discuss implementation of the agreement at other sites; - Following resolution of this dispute the Company and the CJIC will agree details of a review of employee relations at Sellafield and current bargaining arrangements.