CJRColumbia Journalism Review
CJRCour de Justice de la République (French: Court of Justice of the Republic)
CJRCareer Job Reservation
CJRCulpeper Regional Airport (airport code, VA)
CJRCentre for Justice and Reconciliation (est. 2003; Netherlands)
CJRCommodity Jurisdiction Request
CJRClub des Jeunes Renanais (French youth sports club)
CJRCamp de Jour Rosemont (Montreal, Canada)
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Based on years of experience with bundled programs, this roadmap provides the basis for developing a targeted plan for your organization as the April 1, 2016 deadline for CJR rapidly approaches.
In response, this writer explained to CJR that the changes merely enlarged the role of SJR, but did not mean that it folded.
Both AJR and CJR have benefited in recent years from a fund raising project led by former Philadelphia Inquirer Executive Editor Eugene Roberts, who has headed a group of news veterans in raising some $2.
Operations smaller than CJR, which most newsletter publishers are, could even warm the hearts of bill-me's by enclosing a live issue along with the welcome letter and invoice.
An agency other than CJR reportedly received the nod, but then-Gov.
For further information you can call CJR Fine Arts at 561-333-9472 or email them at mail@cjrfinearts.
Several years ago, both CJR and the American Journalism Review (AJR) ran insightful and very critical pieces about the public-journalism movement.
As for the ego problems, "The chemistry's good," exclaims Jim Johnson, a founder of CJR, echoing Woods.
CJR provides even more local market information in their exclusive Market Tracker email report.
I never heard from the hi-monthly CJR which may yet either publish or ignore it.
The campaign will use a wide multi-media approach to deliver its message, and will begin displaying a shortened version of their name, using only their initials of CJR.
Under the agreement, the collaboration allows the publication of all abstracts and archived full editions from the CJR to be posted in each of the medicexchange's clinical communities.