CJTCustomized Job Training
CJTCriminal Justice Technology (college program)
CJTCapacity Joint Table (Canadian volunteer committee)
CJTConsiliul Judetean Tulcea (Romanian: Tulcea County Council)
CJTComité des Jeunes de Tubize (French: Tubize Youth Committe; Tubize, Belgium)
CJTChorale des Jeunes de Truchtersheim (French: Truchtersheim Youth Choir; Truchtersheim, France)
CJTCoopérative Jeunesse de Travail (French: Youth Work Cooperative; Canada)
CJTCivilian Jeep Truck
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At this stage, technical aspects, graphical interface, possibilities provided, and extensions of two Iranian websites, CJT and Newsbaan, and two international websites, Poynter's News University and BBC iLearn were comparatively studied.
The two Prior Pursglove College students formed CJT Promotions in May after realising they had a talent for organising music events when planning their joint 17th birthday party.
Alert to the CJT, Condorcet might think the following: I accept
With respect to the former methodology, CJT examine a sample of Moody's-rated firms over 1990-1992, and estimate an increase in Basel II capital charges of between 15 percent and 18 percent for this period, depending on the sample of firms considered.
enthusiasm for the CJT causes him to overlook more robust democratic
A Harley Davidson motorbike, registration CJT 191Y, was stolen from the garage of a house in Earls Close, Stockton, on Friday night.
Diamond-tipped, carbide-tipped, solid carbide, and solid carbide head coolant-fed and noncoolant-fed drills and reamers are available from CJT Koolcarb.
CJT will continue to develop new technology and apply for new patents for Internet Television (IPTV), Stream Media Protocol Processing, and Broadcasting Software for IPTV-STB, IPTV-STB providing On-Line Family Real Time Payment Service, as well as others.
In 2011, the Corbett administration consolidated the CJT, OGP and IDP programs into the Pennsylvania First program.
Also included in today's press release is a copy of a recent mining property drilling report dated December 29, 2012 by CJT Mining, Inc.
If many people have (independently) decided that X is true, or that Y is good, the CJT gives us reason, under identifiable conditions, to believe that X is true and that Y is good.