CJTF-HOACombined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa (USMC deployed unit)
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Since the proposed 2017 NDAA from the SASC would require one of the geographic combatant commands to evaluate the alternative JTF option, the existence of CJTF-HOA and the broad mission set of USAFRICOM make it the ideal place to test this C2 structure.
CJTF-HOA intelligence analysts utilize DCGS-A to retrieve raw intelligence data to build all source intelligence products that are used to support the decision making process.
Still, the efforts by CJTF-HOA and the international community continue to "move the ball down the field to the end zone.
In the fall of 2012, the JIE Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet) was implemented at CJTF-HOA.
The New Spice Route, established by CJTF-HOA, is designed to minimize AFRICOM's reliance on military airlift by developing reliable surface movement options across Fast Africa.
Despite these efforts, C-130s and other military airlifters remain the prominent means of shipmentto HOA's dispersed units due to short timelines and a lack of standardized processes for surface movement--something that the Spice Route team including CJTF-HOA, Headquarters US Africa Command, US Army Africa, US Naval Forces Africa, and other DOD partners seeks to change.
Having a long-time, constant presence in the CJTF-HOA combined joint operating area, King combat rescue aircrews have a well-developed understanding of the time-and-distance problem that is Africa, and of the limited number of areas that can support an aircraft as large as the HC-130.
For instance, at Kenya's Faza Secondary School, CJTF-HOA built a volleyball court; the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries established a science laboratory; the telecommunications company Safaricom constructed a wind-powered computer lab; the Kenyan Red Cross built a greenhouse and sprinkler system; and USAID and the government of the Netherlands renovated school buildings.
40) The funding for CJTF-HOA operations, estimated at $80 million in
AFRICOM has been evaluating CJTF-HOA, but it has not yet made decisions on the future of the task force--including whether CJTF-HOA should continue to exist as a joint task force, and if so, whether changes are needed to the task force's mission, structure, and resources to best support the command's mission of sustained security engagement in Africa.
The IA Sailors are assigned to Camp Lemonnier or as support to CJTF-HOA to work on joint missions or projects with team members across the rate, rank and service spectrum.