CKANComprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (online database)
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8) CKAN es un sistema de datos de gran alcance desarrollado por la Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF).
El software CKAN es la base de esta "plataforma gratuita y poderosa de gestion de datos" de la Open Knowledge Foundation.
Its technological base is CKAN [25], which is an open-source program that allows the building and managing of data portals, and provides an API for the exploitation and reuse of open data.
The CKAN software powers this "free and powerful management data platform" that belongs to the Open Knowledge Foundation.
Hndtering af Open Source software, eksempelvis PostgreSQL/PostGIS, GDAL, ogr2ogr, MapServer, GeoServer og CKAN samt Gjson
To guarantee the availability, usage and reuse of the created plugins and components during the OpenDataMonitor project, established open source software like CKAN will be adopted and extended.