CKLNCaribbean Knowledge and Learning Network
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La red CKLN contribuye a mejorar la aplicacion de las tecnologias en la educacion, de ahi su gran importancia para potenciar un puntal educativo-social basico para el desarrollo economico y social.
De todo lo anterior expuesto se puede deducir que CKLN a traves del proyecto C@ribNET facilita la creacion de una infraestructura de redes nacionales en la region.
Management has hired police to bar volunteers and community supporters from CKLN studios and meetings.
Many recall the on-site arrest and subsequent deportation on an immigration warrant of CKLN programmer Wendy Maxwell, akaQueen Nzinga, in 2005.
Barnes is a long-term CKLN volunteer who sat on the station's board in the late 1990s, describing himself as "President and CEO" of the non-profit organization.
CKLN members were appalled by the appointments of Phillips and Barnes to management positions.
Since then CKLN has had two competing boards of directors.
Many are male-dominated, including CKLN, and CKLN has long been vulnerable to macho bullying.