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CKMCommando Krav Maga (martial arts)
CKMCabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa (quark mixing matrix)
CKMCertified Knowledge Manager (trademark of Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc.; under license to eKnowledgeCenter)
CKMCustomer Knowledge Management
CKMCreatine Kinase, Muscle (genetics)
CKMCaddebostan Kültür Merkezi (Istanbul, Turkey)
CKMCanoe Kayak Magazine (France)
CKMCzestochowski Klub Motocyklowy (Polish: Speedway Team of Czestochowa, Poland)
CKMCentre de Karaté de Meaux (French martial arts school)
CKMCareer Killing Move (slang for a bad job/political action)
CKMCollaboration and Knowledge Management (software environment)
CKMCommunications and Knowledge Management (various organizations)
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The chance to work with and promote athletics at my high school alma mater is a dream situation," said Dickenson, who pitched for CKM baseball squads in the mid-1990 that featured future and now former pros Nick Johnson and Steve Holm.
New Delhi [India], Dec 26 ( ANI ): Ahead of India's South Africa tour, Team India's support staff has undergone a change to bring video analyst CKM Dhananjai back to the team to replace Ashish Tulli.
The purpose of this article is to define CKM and to describe the key components of that care along the CKM pathway.
The kitchen now reflects the recommendations of CKM over the years, with particular attention to the MKN - German manufacturer of commercial catering equipment.
The computerised layouts would not have been possible without the help of CKM and the attention to detail in regard to the Peppers layout is a testament to CKM's design team," Mr Bradley said.
on Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, IPPP Durham April 2003; arXiv:hep-ph/0311044.
Partnering with his wife, Montana State University professor Joan Cory, he looked to commercialize his science and started a company, CKM Diagnostics, under the auspices of the local incubator, TechRanch.
CKM Solicitors main office is in Market Place, Durham City, and no-one was available to discuss the arrest, despite a number of calls from the Chronicle to the office.
beta decays [4], CKM unitarity (assumes conserved vector current, CKM unitarity, and values of |[V.
Quark-Mixing, CKM Unitarity," Proceedings of the Two-Day-Workshop "Quark Mixing, CKM-Unitarity", 19-20 September 2002, Heidelberg, Germany, Mattes Verlag Heidelberg (2003) p.
With [lambda] and the neutron lifetime [tau], we determine the first CKM element [V.