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CLABEClave Bancaria Estandarizada (Spanish: Standardized Bank Code; Mexico)
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00 (3), HSBC (luego aparece el numero de cuenta y el numero de CLABE interbancaria que, por ser informacion personal, se omite).
A la cuenta Bancomer (luego aparecen numero de cuenta y numero CLABE.
Huff was ready for the possibility of having to shoot Wallace, Clabes said, and understood that the child might be killed if he missed the suspect.
Because he knew if he was going to take the shot, he'd have one chance," Clabes said of his sergeant.
Judy Clabes is an outstanding leader who has transformed the Scripps Howard Foundation into one of the nation's leading philanthropic organizations devoted to journalism, journalism education, and community-building," Kenneth W.
Clabes joined Scripps in 1971 as the Newspaper in Education program coordinator at the Evansville (Ind.
Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes told the news, "We're sad to see the death involved, but when someone commits this type of crime, obviously the home owner has a right to protect themselves and that's exactly what occurred in this particular case.
Clabes President and Chief 1999 Executive Officer, Scripps Howard Foundation, Cincinnati, Ohio Phillip R.
Sullivan at the time credited the Scripps Foundation under Judith Clabes for creating an emergency disaster fund that collected donations to aid employees.
The criticism from Grimes, Clabes said, "really has nothing to do with the mission statement, and her comments about that are only to divert attention from the real reasons she didn't get the job.
We appreciate the quality of the program at UC," Clabes says.
THROUGH 30 YEARS of marriage and newspapering, Gene and Judy Clabes have broken the mold for dual-career couples.