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CLAGConference of Latin Americanist Geographers
CLAGCytoadherence Linked Asexual Gene
CLAGCritical Loads Advisory Group (Department of the Environment; UK)
CLAGCanajoharie Library and Art Gallery (Canajoharie, NY)
CLAGControl Line Aeromodellers of Gippsland Inc (Victoria, Australia)
CLAGClosing Agreement (IRS)
CLAGCloud Low, Aircraft Grounded (UK)
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MEG and CLAG therefore use the trademark Lambretta by virtue of license agreements which allow them to sell, in most countries of the world, scooters with the trademark Lambretta.
CLAG is heading the cash industry with these complete and end-to-end services and technology, making it possible for them to quickly grow their business, while being able to guarantee a premium service and the highest level of control for their customers.
We started practising again together and it sounded better than ever so we decided we wanted to continue on after the Clag Beast gig," said Karl.
And the estimated million Brits who booked their camping and caravanning holidays in Brittany and the Vendee are left well and truly in the clag.
A spokesman said: "This is the best stuff for our mudbath testing because of a special clag factor it has.
One last vital point ( don't dig when the soil is saturated, you'll do more harm than good to the structure ( wait until it's dry enough not to clag up your boots completely.
There are famous clubs in the clag today because rugby went pro and did not have any regulatory failsafe clauses in its constitution.
Of the 149 teams that started out, just 129 completed the full event, with many teams missing vital checkpoints in the dense clag.
In comparison Sunderland commandeer Washington and this by the way is a new town about four miles away from Sunderland and they clag it on to their population.
And if you understand 18th Century words such as clag (stick), clarts (mud) and why-aye then you are ( happily ( showing your browtens-up (how you were raised).
or you've just felt the warm clag of sticky toffee pudding on the roof of your mouth.
Gay and lesbian theory has become the cutting edge," says Framji Minwalla, chair of the board of directors at CLAGS, who will teach a gay and lesbian theater class at Dartmouth this winter.