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CLAMSCape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing
CLAMSChesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites
CLAMSCollege Librarians and Media Specialists
CLAMSCommon Los Alamos Mathematical Software
CLAMSCleared Lane Marking System
CLAMSCountermeasures Launcher Modular System
CLAMSChesapeake Lighthouse and Measurements for Satellites
CLAMSCircuit Layout Automated Management System
CLAMSClassification Management System (statistics)
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They examined online data and publications that date back to the 1900s on the taxonomy of giant clams and their global distribution.
Once the clams start to open add the white wine and cover.
A maintenance man of the University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute's marine laboratory here, Curiano spends his day checking on the thousands of giant clams like they are his own children.
On a more human scale, the freshwater clams could have negative effects on power plants, drinking water and irrigation canals: "Infestations of Corbicula individuals have yielded billions of dollars annually in damage to industry and infrastructure," the study says.
During the first year, predator-deterrent netting was used at each site to protect greater than or equal to 1-y wild softshell clams and encourage recruitment of 0-y class individuals (sensu Beal & Kraus 2002).
The best time of day to start your quest for clams is at low tide, when the water recedes from the shore.
In 2012, van der Heide and colleagues proposed that in some seagrass communities, clams burrowing among the plant roots help detoxify sulfides.
Florida tackle shops that I spoke with sell fresh clams (and frozen) and say the bait supply is shipped in from up north, like New Jersey.
It was in 2009 that residents in Barangay Adecor in Kaputian District in IGACOS realized the important role that giant clams play in corals and other marine lives in the area and that the decline in their numbers would be fatal to the very sources of their livelihood.
Waterways Ireland has now deployed a Watermaster suction dredger in a pilot project in bid to rid the Shannon of the clams at Lanesborough, Co Longford.
There he discovered that the abundant freshwater clams of the Mississippi River around Muscatine, Iowa made excellent raw material.
The lethal effects of salinity were examined in juvenile and adult clams in the laboratory through short-term exposure bioassays.