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CLAMSCape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing
CLAMSChesapeake Lighthouse and Aircraft Measurements for Satellites
CLAMSCollege Librarians and Media Specialists
CLAMSCommon Los Alamos Mathematical Software
CLAMSCleared Lane Marking System
CLAMSCountermeasures Launcher Modular System
CLAMSChesapeake Lighthouse and Measurements for Satellites
CLAMSCircuit Layout Automated Management System
CLAMSClassification Management System (statistics)
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A dish of venison, however, was no unacceptable meal to them, especially after feeding so long on oysters and clams.
He was ordered to make chowder out of the big clams that grew in the lagoon.
Nay, I spied nothing," grumbled Sir Oliver, "for I was hurried down with a clam stuck in my gizzard and an untasted goblet of Cyprus on the board behind me.
He sat at a worm-eaten desk, covered with files of waiters' checks so old that I was sure the bottomest one was for clams that Hendrik Hudson had eaten and paid for.
I considered the matter a moment, and then up stairs we went, and I was ushered into a small room, cold as a clam, and furnished, sure enough, with a prodigious bed, almost big enough indeed for any four harpooneers to sleep abreast.
Then why don't you make your fortune by hiring yourself out to a museum as the biggest human clam in captivity?
Clam was a dare-devil, but Nelson was a reckless maniac.
Have something yourself, Johnny," I said, with an air of having intended to say it all the time, but of having been a trifle remiss because of the interesting conversation I had been holding with Clam and Pat.
Pat, who had been shovelling coal all day, had gone home, and Clam had gone upon the Reindeer to cook supper.
Of the 378 clams, 298 (79%) had at least one Postmonorchis donacis metacercaria; however, strong spatial variability was observed.
Clams are in season and a wonderful way of turning simple pasta into something very special.
Assistant curator Andrea Swatman said: "We have volunteered to look after five of the giant clams here at the aquarium, and they are impressive specimens.