CLAPACleft Lip and Palate Association (London, UK)
CLAPAControl Line Aerobatic Pilots Association (UK)
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Knowing I could sell my clothes and raise money for CLAPA made perfect sense to me.
The results for children born with cleft nowadays are superb but it isn't a quick fix and the families really appreciate the work CLAPA does.
We will also be collecting money at the practice for CLAPA.
We normally have a collection box located on our reception desk and have been able to donate PS40 to CLAPA through the generosity of our patients.
Only 13% of mothers in this study received an antenatal diagnosis which was significantly lower than the 45% reported in the UK wide CLAPA survey of 2006.
The timing of the arrival of the these nurses in this study compares very favourably with the CLAPA survey [2007] where only 27% were seen within 24 hours, 21% within 48 hours and it took 1 month before 87% of cases were seen in the CLAPA study.
Glen of Brambles Farm, Middlesbrough, said: "Of all the things that were wrong with Abigail it was CLAPA that she got the most support from.
The Wilsons say they would not have gotten through these difficult few years if it hadn't been for the help and information provided by CLAPA.
CLAPA, the Cleft Lip and Palate Association, is holding the fund-raising event at Foleshill Social Club, in Foleshill Road, Coventry, as part of breakfast television channel GMTV's Get Up and Give appeal.
CLAPA gives new families a free starter pack of bottles and teats, and local branches often supply further feeding equipment for free.