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CLASCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences
CLASCulturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services
CLASCenter for Latin American Studies
CLASClinical Ligand Assay Society
CLASCommunity Legal Assistance Society
CLASCollege of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (USC)
CLASCommonwealth Legal Advisory Service (UK)
CLASCouncil for Leaders in Alabama Schools
CLASCEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer
CLASComité Local d'Action Sociale (French: Local Social Action Committee)
CLASCESG Listed Adviser Scheme (UK)
CLASCenter for Limb Atmospheric Sounding
CLASCriminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme (UK)
CLASConformal Load-Bearing Antenna Structure
CLASCancer Linear Analog Scale (patient quality-of-life)
CLASCouncil of Language Arts Supervisors
CLASCentrale de Loisirs d'Activités et de Services (French: Central Leisure Activities and Services)
CLASCenter Level Application Software
CLASClosed Loop Action System (Raytheon)
CLASCEBAF Large Solid Angle
CLASCommunity Lending Analysis System
CLASColor Linear Array Scanner
CLASCivil Legal Aid Scheme
CLASCarry-Lookahead and Summation (processor unit)
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A CLAS Cymru spokesman said: "e initiative, the "rst in North Wales, aims to clear red tape, making it easier and simpler to set-up and sustain local food growing projects.
As you read the next section on the CLAS standards, consider how you can make your health center's various "points of impact" better by implementing each CLAS standard.
Starting this month, CLAS will have a dedicated Mathnasium space in the school, staffed by a CLAS teacher.
The CLAS standards have helped our agency to view cultural competency from a systems perspective, resulting in agency-wide policies that promote understanding.
The strengths and weaknesses of each student compared to the rest of the class is vital information.
The CLAS is an open TLA system that brings a sample to a specified point on an interconnected track.
The teachers maintained they also were improperly singled out for their outspoken criticism last year of the trustees' opposition to the controversial CLAS test.
Still another development is the result of a research program undertaken to efficiently couple power to the very shallow furnace used in the CLAS vacuum casting process.
The 4-[pi] structure of the JLab CLAS detector applies certain restrictions on a frozen spin polarized target design such as a target cryostat should be quite compact to be inserted inside the detector and all construction walls should be thin to allow secondary particle characteristics to be measured.
The teachers say they were also singled out for their outspoken criticism of trustees last year over the trustees' opposition to the controversial CLAS test.
Similarly, in the CLAS process, which is most applicable for a variety of iron and steel alloys, castings are gated from the drag half of the mold.