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CLATCentral Latinoamericana de Trabajadores (Latin American Confederation of Workers)
CLATControlled Language Authoring Technology
CLATComputer-Aided Law and Advanced Technologies (forum)
CLATCivil Law Activities Tax
CLATCommunication Line Adapters for Teletypewriters
CLATCenter for Learning Through the Arts and Technology (University of California, Irvine)
CLATCommon Law Admission Test (India)
CLATCharitable Lead Annuity Trust
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The use of a serum CLAT should aid in diagnosing disseminated cryptococcosis and alert clinicians to the possibility of underlying cryptococcal pneumonia.
As discussed above, the senior family member may use any of the 7520 rates in effect during the three-month period up to and including the month the CLAT is created and funded.
As for the laboratory calcined chicken litter, the major compounds present in the CLA and CLAT heated in an incinerator are apatite and quartz with calcite being present in CLA.
In this case, the client would set up a CLAT that provides for minimal payments to charity for the first nine years and then a balloon payment at the end of year 10 (the "balloon IPCLAT").
In view of the significant spread between ordinary income and capital gain rates, the stakes could be high enough to consider methods of structuring the CLAT to provide the greatest assurance that the ordering rules will be respected.
A CLAT set up during the grantor's life can be established as either a grantor trust or a nongrantor trust.
However, there are special rules regarding the allocation of GST tax exemption to a CLAT, which do not apply to a CLUT.
For every sentence authors write, they see the actual editor, as well as corresponding wording and terminology entries from the Across databases and marks of the rule-based quality assurance by CLAT.
A CLAT set up during the grantor's life can be established as either a grantor trust (grantor CLAT) or a nongrantor trust (nongrantor CLAT).
Users will be able to view matches from the translation memory and the terminology system as well as results of the rule-based quality assurance with CLAT.
The decedent's estate claimed an estate tax marital deduction for the present value of the income interest in the CLAT passing to the family foundation.
During CeBIT, IAI and Across Systems announced a strategic partnership and collaboration for interfaces between the CLAT (Controlled Language Authoring Tool) from IAI and the translation management system of Across.