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CLCCCeramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CLCCCentre de Lutte Contre le Cancer
CLCCCeramic Leadless Chip Carrier
CLCCCombined Land Component Command
CLCCChinese Language and Culture Center (Troy, MI)
CLCCCombined Logistics Coordination Center (South Korea and US)
CLCCCentral London Congestion Charging Scheme (England, UK)
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The Stable Outlook on the ratings of the CH of Abanca, Bankia, Santander and CLCC reflects the Stable Outlook on the issuers' Long-Term IDRs.
The 'AA-' rating of CLCC CH is vulnerable to a downgrade if the bank's Long-Term IDR is downgraded by one or more notches to 'BBB' or below.
But CLCC stated draft rules grant these powers and functions to the revenue division or minister in-charge.
Dr Andrzej Opadczuk, who previously owned CLCC, will continue to manage the centres and will report to Synexus CEE Vice President, Dr Christian Tueni.
The OV7940 comes in both 48-pin CLCC package and QFP package.
Amkor established its VisionPak CLCC product line in late 1999 through close collaboration with a major U.
Agilent's CMOS image sensors are provided in the new industry-standard 32-pin CLCC (ceramic leadless chip carrier) package.