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CLCCCeramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CLCCCentre de Lutte Contre le Cancer
CLCCCeramic Leadless Chip Carrier
CLCCCombined Land Component Command
CLCCChinese Language and Culture Center (Troy, MI)
CLCCCombined Logistics Coordination Center (South Korea and US)
CLCCCentral London Congestion Charging Scheme (England, UK)
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The OV7949 is currently available in both 48-pin CLCC and QFP packages.
Synexus, which is the world's largest multi-national company entirely focused on the recruitment and running of clinical trials at its own Dedicated Research Centres, today completed the purchase of CLCC which has centres in the major conurbations of Warsaw, Gdynia and Katowice.
This technology can enable higher yields than the existing packaging methods of COB and CLCC which are based on conventional camera module manufacturing processes.
The OV5620 comes in both a 48-pin, lead-free CLCC package and a 40-pin, lead-free CSP-2 package, both of which are now available for sampling.
The OV7950 is available in 48-pin QFP and CLCC lead-free packages.
A ceramic CLCC 52-pin package option suitable for use in harsh environments is also available.
For gate arrays and CBIC, Atmel will support virtually any ceramic or plastic package available in the industry including: DIP, PQFP, PLCC, BGA, TQFP, SOIC, CQFP, CLCC and CPGA packages.
Like its successful predecessor, OV7940, the OV7950 comes in identical 48-pin QFP and CLCC lead-free packages.