CLCSCommercial Lines Coverage Specialist (insurance industry)
CLCSCommission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf
CLCSCheckout and Launch Control System
CLCSCertified Loss Control Specialist
CLCSCarolina Lure Coursing Society (North Carolina)
CLCSCredit-Linked Capital Subsidy
CLCSColumbia Lil' Cycos (street gang; Los Angeles, CA)
CLCSCurrent Logic, Current Switching
CLCSClosed-Loop Control System
CLCSColchicine Sensitivity
CLCSConstruction Loan Control System
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Before the inspector goes into the field, CLCS III generates a list of sites scheduled for inspection and the corresponding line items that must be completed during each visit.
The module can connect to the CLCS III database located on a PC/LAN or mainframe.
The company's flagship product, CLCS III, offers construction and mortgage servicing modules, with interfaces to commercial loan accounting, general ledger, ACH, DDA, CIF, loan origination and wire transfer systems.
The CLCS system services an estimated $170 billion in U.
We've been working closely with NASA to meet their display needs for the renovated CLCS control rooms and look forward to a successful relationship.
According to Gregory Clements, lead engineer of the CLCS Subsystems Engineering division, NASA selected the MultiSync LCD2010 LCD monitors because of display quality as well as the reduction in space requirements, glare, cooling and power consumption, and radiation emissions.
Announced in 1996, the CLCS project is a NASA-led effort at the Kennedy Space Center to design, develop and implement a new Checkout and Launch Control System.
The CLCS III system was very close to meeting their needs, but the bank wanted an integrated borrowing-base capability in the system.
Freeman said the partnership was fortuitous because his company wanted to expand the borrowing-base capabilities of CLCS III, but it needed a customer with expertise in large-scale construction lending to help define the key parameters.
Through the enhanced CLCS III, GuarantyBank will have an overall servicing system that can handle critical functions in construction loans.