CLDPCommercial Law Development Program (US Department of Commerce)
CLDPCentre Local de Documentation Pédagogique (French: Local Educational Information Center)
CLDPCross Link Detection Protocol
CLDPConvertible Laser Designation Pod
CLDPCivilian Leader Development Program
CLDPCertified Legal Document Preparer
CLDPCoiled Pin
CLDPComputer Leadership Development Program
CLDPClosed-Loop Digital Pre-Distortion
CLDPCECOM Leader Development Program
CLDPCPO (Chief Petty Officer) Leadership Development Program (Royal Australian Navy)
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CLDP and USPTO have worked with the Supreme Court of Pakistan to place Pakistani jurists in a better position to decide IP cases in a fair and consistent manner.
The CLDP includes an Empowerment for Local Development Program designed to build the capacities of communities and local authorities to implement the sub-projects they identify.
During the signing ceremony, Al Hamli praised the significant cooperation made by the CLDP with the DEC in revising a number of federal and local commercial law drafts with the aim of strengthening the legal infrastructure of the UAE economy.
The three-year CLDP Pakistan programme is part of the five-year $3 billion economic development and defence aid initiative announced by President Bush in June 2003.
The treatment options for CLDP are all centered on immunomodulation, and randomized, controlled trials have demonstrated the efficacy of plasmapheresis, IV Ig, corticosteroids, and other immunomodulators.
Participants must continue performing their full-time jobs while taking CLDP, but the department authorizes them to devote one-third of their work hours to CLDP activities during the span of the course.
The CLDP (Closed Loop Differential Pump) servo drive is both compact and highly dynamic.
He expressed his sincere appreciation for the cooperation of CLDP in organizing this event.
Thomson-CSF is currently producing a CLDP version of the well-proven ATLIS laser weapon delivery system which will have an exchangeable FLIR sensor.
The CLDP servo drive can be used for all direct linear motions, especially when dynamic response, reproducibility and reliability are needed.
Awards were given for the following categories: Championship Team to The University of Jordan , Runner-Up Team to University of Bahrain, Best Claimant Memorandum to Sultan Qaboos University (Oman), Best Respondent Memorandum to Baghdad University (Iraq) , Best Individual Oralist --Claimant to Aisha Hassan Al-Emadi from University of Qatar, and Best Individual Oralist -- Respondent to Ali Haydar Kadhum from Baghdad University Since 2006, CLDP and CILE have introduced the Vis Moot in Bahrain, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Jordan and Iraq.
Joe Yong, Attorney Advisor, International CLDP and Ms.