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CLEATCombined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas
CLEATCommunications, Law Enforcement and Technology (New Hampshire)
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The issue with cleats being that it's imperative that the installed cleat is correctly specified - as all an underspecified one will do in a short circuit scenario is add to the potentially lethal shrapnel.
When the job is complete, the machine is driven off the Cleat and the unit is removed for use on the next site.
The Quick Cleat is manufactured and sold by Quick Cleat LLC, a family owned company in Saint Paul, Minnesota.
com) Green Bay fans to lay off Robyn Ereth and forgive her for taking the cleat from little Stephen
Install two ice cleats on the track shoe in place of the removed pads.
The multi-year agreement gives Under Armour the worldwide rights to produce and distribute the official "silhouetted batter" MLB logo on its MLB Authentic Collection baseball cleats.
Cleats linked together by an articulated chain carry the caps gently from a large storage hopper towards an adjustable speed bump, which inclines the cleats and causes poorly oriented caps to fall by simple gravity.
I'm almost to the goal when I feel a cleat smash into the side of my leg.
London, June 12 (ANI): A new research by Scottish experts has warned that soccer star who choose to wear football boots with bladed cleats could be putting themselves at greater risk of injury.
CLEAT is a combination of a 'front-end' language to a complex suite of Fortran programs which combines job control aspects of program execution with the ability to interface a variety of data files as input and output to the running Fortran system.
That made my foot hurt more, so they made me another cleat.