CLEERColorado Law Enforcement Emergency
CLEERCatastrophic Level Event Emergency Response (Keigan Systems Inc)
CLEERCenter for Legislative Energy & Environmental Research
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Lending partners Ascentium Capital and Revere Bank offer the financing for the CLEER program.
We thank Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada for considering the CLEER proposal and are honoured to have been a finalist.
The CLEER consortium included 162 members across Canada.
About the reference to democracy, on the broader context of the principles ruling Portugal's external relations, see the brief note of Larik, Joris: "Shaping the International Order as a Union Objective and the dynamic Internationalization of Constitutional Law", CLEER Working Papers, 2011, No.
While our technique continues to evolve, we have documented an improvement in the ability to perform activities of daily living in patients with CLEER in comparison to patients who undergo rTSA alone.
Therefore, our preference in patients with bilateral CLEER who are to undergo rTSA is to perform the transfer on only one side.
It shows that European eye care professionals understand the importance of the CLEER Project.