CLEMISCourts and Law Enforcement Management Information System (Oakland County, MI)
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The Oakland County CLEMIS project exemplifies a cooperative effort where multiple agencies can pool resources to obtain a cost effective and feature rich solution," said Anthony Barone, Vice President and General Manager of BIO-key's Fire and EMS Division.
The one-time costs to the city for transitioning to CLEMIS were approximately $100,000.
Brooks Patterson said, "Oakland County's Department of Information Technology and CLEMIS are proud to deliver the technology and support necessary for the Pontiac Police Department to launch this Web site.
Developed and supported by Oakland County, CLEMIS is state-of-the-art computer technology used by criminal justice and public safety agencies throughout Southeastern Michigan.
The fact that CLEMIS can provide this capability to consortium officers serves as another example of why CLEMIS is considered a model organization nationwide.
Cogent Systems (Nasdaq:COGT) today announced it has signed a multi-million dollar contract with the Oakland County (Michigan) Sheriff's Office & CLEMIS for its first county-wide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).
Without the backbone of CLEMIS, the building of consortia necessary for these initiatives would have been more difficult.
Atick, Visionics' Chairman and CEO stated, "Oakland County CLEMIS members continue to benefit from our live scan technology to enhance traditional law enforcement processes, shortening processing cycles and reducing processing errors and ultimately making a tremendous impact on arrests and subject identification.
Oakland County CLEMIS (Courts & Law Enforcement Management Information Systems), a consortium of over 75 law enforcement agencies across five counties in southeastern Michigan, cited live scan's significant enhancement to its law enforcement efforts as the reason for its new order.
CLEMIS is a Michigan-based organization comprised of various members of the public safety community - including law enforcement, fire departments and the Emergency Management unit within the Department of Information Technology.
A major factor in Printrak's selection, according to CLEMIS Manager Joe Sullivan, was the open architecture of its solution and its ability to integrate its hardware and software with everything the county has previously done.
CLEMIS is the first "bottom-up" designed system that focuses on empowering the police officer through the deployment of advanced technologies, versus traditional programs that centre on predominantly administrative activities.