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CLEWContinuing Legal Education for Wisconsin (University of Wisconsin Law School; Madison, WI)
CLEWCamp Lejeune Energy from Wood (US EPA)
CLEWCommunity Learning and Education Working Group (American Registry for Internet Numbers)
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Before following the clew, he communicated his success to his companions; and while the latter were consulting on the circumstance, the youth reappeared, leading the two fillies, with their saddles broken, and the housings soiled, as though they had been permitted to run at will for several days.
The rope hung down from the cliff, and the clew and belt lay beside her.
To this horrible mystery there is not as yet, we believe, the slightest clew.
Still, there was great uncertainty which of these vocations the youth was best endowed to fill; but, having no other employment, the stripling was constantly lounging about the homestead,” munching green apples and hunting for sorrel; when the same sagacious eye that had brought to light his latent talents seized upon this circumstance as a clew to his future path through the turmoils of the world.
But if he had not really told him the secret, he had at least given him the clew to it--a clew of which that queer old Mrs.
Fortunately, I had a definite clew, for there was a particular picture in his sketch-book which showed him taking lunch with a certain ecclesiastic at Rosario.
At this stage, however, they were destined to disappointment; Wilson nosed in every corner like a terrier and examined the roof almost in the posture of a fly, but half an hour afterward they had to confess that they were still without a clew.
Neither hair, dress, nor conversation affords the slightest clew, and you are left to guess.
A rare, precious, and never interrupted race of philosophers to whom wisdom, like another Ariadne, seems to have given a clew of thread which they have been walking along unwinding since the beginning of the world, through the labyrinth of human affairs.
He imagined he had discovered a clew to the secret, and he felt pleased, because a visit to Athos, in the first place, promised him much satisfaction, and, in the next, gave him the hope of finding at the same time a good bed and good supper.
With regard to horses, distrust was your only clew.
For two days Werper sought for the party that had accompanied him from the camp to the barrier cliffs; but not until late in the afternoon of the second day did he find clew to its whereabouts, and then in such gruesome form that he was totally unnerved by the sight.