CLFNCold Lake First Nations (Native American tribal unit; Canada)
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The delay was due to a combination of being "such a busy group" and requiring more time to separate funding from CLFN-run business entities and the federal government, says CLFN Chief Bernice Martial.
The Osum decision indicated that while the ERCB's authority included the capacity to find that the Taiga project was not in the public interest, it did not have the capacity to "make a declaration" that the Crown had fallen short of its duty to consult with and accommodate CLFN.
Chief Roger Wesley of CLFN stated, 'We are pleased to have reached an Agreement with Zenyatta.
for the continued exploration on GTA's Auden Property in northern Ontario, located within CLFN traditional territory.
Shortly after this decision, Osum and Cold Lake First Nation (CLFN) reached an agreement and CLFN withdrew the objection to the project that had brought the consultation challenge before the ERCB.
Zenyatta will also contribute to a social fund for the benefit of CLFN children, youth and elders.
We are so excited to call this new tract of land ours and envision so much potential," said CLFN Chief Bernice Martial, in a news release.
Construction at the campground was halted on May 6 after Dene Suline and CLFN members began a peaceful protest inside the entrance, forcing Alberta Parks, Tourism and Recreation workers to vacate the site.