CLGFCommonwealth Local Government Forum (UK)
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In the urban context, the Municipal Councils and Corporations usually have directly elected and nominated councilors as well as directly or indirectly elected mayors (UNESCAP, 1999; CLGF, 2006b).
Each Tehsil/Town Council comprises over thirty members, including all deputy mayors of Union Councils within the Tehsil/Town, and the members from three categories of reserved seats (33 percent of the number of those Union Councils reserved for women, 5 percent for minorities, and 5 percent for peasants and workers) who are elected by all Union Council members within the Tehsil/Town (Reyes and Azizah, 2002; CLGF, 2006c).
This round of Royalties for Regions funding builds on the $32million already allocated to CLGF Groupings Projects.
Mr Grylls thanked the Trust for its thorough work in reviewing the CLGF, and stakeholders for the valuable feedback they provided on the proposed changes during the public comment period.