CLICOColonial Life Insurance Company
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Howai on the issue of CLICO said Government made no provision for Atrius in 2015 because it was no longer pursuing the option of that company taking over the assets of CLICO.
The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has announced a plan to sell insurance provider, CLICO.
The company fell into the hands of the Trinidad & Tobago government in 2009 when the state mounted a rescue of CL Financial and its insurance group CLICO.
This money, he said, will help meet the liabilities of CLICO here, especially with regards to payments of small policy holders.
Central Bank Governor Ewart Williams confirmed that the government is expected to inject the cash to continue to protect policyholders of CL Financial subsidiary, CLICO, and depositors of failed wealth management firm CLICO Investment Bank (CIB).
Guyana will receive US$15 million from the Petroleum Fund to help close the gap in respect of the CLICO debacle, reports The Guyana Chronicle (April 29, 2009).