CLISClasse d'Intégration Scolaire (French: School Integration Class)
CLISCollege of Information Studies (University of Maryland)
CLISCollege of Library and Information Services (University of Maryland, College Park)
CLISCarcinoma Lobulare in Situ (oncology)
CLISCebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions (Philippines)
CLISClear Lake Intermediate School (Houston, TX)
CLISClosed-Loop Instrument System
CLISConsortium for Latino Immigration Studies (South Carolina)
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The CLIS can lead to greater levels of labile fractions (LOM in water and free light fraction--FLF of SOM), when compared to NTS, without the use of brachiaria and pasture.
Later, the NTS was implemented with crop rotation--corn, soybean, cotton, bean (1991-2008) and, from 1999, part of the NTS was transformed into CLIS (1999-2008).
In the CLIS (corn-brachiaria-bean-cotton-soybean) was used corn and brachiaria being planted simultaneously (brachiaria between corn rows).
Liming was made in the CLIS in July 2005 using a dose of 3.
The sytems were planted with sunflower in NTS and corn + brachiaria in CLIS at the time of soil sample collection for evaluation.
Later, it was analyzed as a completely randomized design with three land use systems (NTS, CLIS and Cerrado) with four replications.
CLIS is currently accepting students and recruiting faculty (including adjunct professors) to teach in the new program.
Eukaryotic communities in the ELIS and CLIS lesion samples showed a lesser but still relatively high degree of similarity within their group with at least 3 common bands observed in all.
Location (n = 28) 1 FJ842398 ELIS, CLIS, BB, 26 KMA, RI 2 FJ842399 BB, KMA 10 3 FJ842400 ELIS, CLIS, BB, 6 4 FJ842401 ELIS, CLIS, RI 6 5 FJ842402 BB, KMA 5 6 FJ842403 ELIS, CLIS 4 7 FJ842404 ELIS, CLIS 4 8 FJ842405 ELIS, BB 4 9 FJ842406 KMA 4 10 FJ842407 BB, RI 3 11 FJ842408 ELIS, BB 3 12 FJ842409 ELIS, CLIS 2 Gel not BB, KMA 5 shown Common Nearest Relative Band No.
Clinical Laboratory Information System (CLIS) Markets gives market participants valuable insights into customer buying patterns, perceptions of products and customer needs, helping them to validate trends in the CLIS markets.
The CLIS market segments within hospital laboratories and physician office laboratories are each expected to grow at a compound annual rate of approximately 10 percent through the year 2005, while CLIS within independent laboratories should experience a modest growth rate of around four percent through that same forecast period.
The contract is for work related to the building of a school of 16 classes, 10 classes and 06 elementary school classes including a CLIS (Class School for inclusion) and a RASED (Networks of specialized aid students in difficulty).