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CLNClass Library for Numbers
CLNCredit Linked Note
CLNComitato di Liberazione Nazionale (Committee of National Liberation)
CLNCorn Lethal Necrosis
CLNChildren's Literature Network
CLNConsorzio Lotterie Nazionali (Italian: National Lottery Consortium)
CLNComputer Learning Network
CLNCorrections Learning Network
CLNConstruction Loan Note
CLNC'est la Nuit (French: This Is the Night)
CLNCalifornia Linguistic Notes
CLNClinical Liaison Nurse
CLNCity Lights News
CLNCreative Leisure News
CLNChildren's Literature Navigator
CLNChrist Lumière des Nations
CLNCarmarthenshire Learning Network (UK)
CLNCanadian Languages Network
CLNCeroid Lipofuscinosis, Neuronal 1, Infantile
CLNComputer Lawyer News
CLNCorporate Learning Network
CLNConvicencias Lúdicas Nacionales
CLNCargo Loading Manual (Nuclear) (TMINS)
CLNContract Line Number
CLNCommunity Life Night (Calvary Church)
CLNComplex and Large Numbers
CLNConservation Land Network
CLNConferencia para el Liderazgo Nacional
CLNCB&I Lummus (The Netherlands)
CLNCollaborative Logistics Network
CLNClinical Laboratory News
CLNChautauqua Leadership Network (Chautauqua, NY)
CLNCommunity Learning Network
CLNConnecticut League for Nursing
CLNCheng Low NOx
CLNCentralne Laboratorium Naftowe (Warsaw, Poland)
CLNCentrilobular Necrosis (Hypoxic Hepatitis)
CLNComités de Liaison Nationaux
CLNClergy Leadership Network
CLNCelsion Corporation
CLNCertificate of Loss of Nationality (USA government document given to citizens who renounce their USA citizenship)
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Other presentations from the police watch-house scheme and youth forensic CLN outlined how individual nurses and services have developed from the grass roots, with little or no guidelines to inform their practice.
Category: Print Media -- Writing -- Publication Article CLN, March 2015 issue, article "On the Road to Faster Newborn Screening"
CLN officials voiced similar words of satisfaction to their Turkish counterparts over the factory's projected output, with CLN President Gabrielle Perris Magnetto telling Anatolia on Monday that the company was happy to have partnered with "one of our largest rivals C* and one of the most well-positioned firms the sector.
All the hybrids expressed negative heterosis over the best parent except, CLN 2026C x Patriot, CLN 2026C x SL 120, CLN 2026E x SL 120, CLN 1464A x SL 120, PT 4671 A x Hisar [N.
Negotiations then began between CLN owner Jay Nusca of Mississauga and NRE with a letter of intent being signed to purchase the facility in October.
The North Shore/Long Island Jewish Medical Center Health System Laboratories is a CLN in progress.
An in-depth understanding of the legal term "competency to stand trial" proved an excellent choice for another presentation, as this is one of the most common examinations requested by the court and CLNs need a comprehensive legal understanding of what it involves.
I remain confident that CLN is well-positioned to succeed in leading the way toward future growth in Italy," said Michael R.
A full description of Fitch's rating criteria for single and multi-name CLNs, including Fitch's CLN Matrix can be found in the report, 'Global Rating Criteria for Single and Multi-Name Credit-Linked Notes', which is available on the Fitch Ratings web site at www.
Project Description: The IFC proposes an equity investment of EUR20 million in MA South Africa, a subsidiary of the CLN Group, to support its expansion plans in the country.
a wholly owned subsidiary of Trilon Financial Corporation (TSE: TFCa) and Canadian Lawyers Network (CLN), a division of CLN Legal Solutions Inc.