CLOASCertificates of Land Ownership Awards (Philippines)
CLOASComputations Life Office Administration System (insurance industry)
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We should determine the efforts exerted by the DAR officials to protect and promote the rights of Buhid Mangyans who were unduly affected by the erroneous awards of CLOAS to non-indigenous persons in Oriental Mindoro," Baguilat said.
CSC is a valuable and trusted long-term business partner who has supported us since we first implemented the CLOAS life insurance administration system in 1990," said Erik Jordet, director, Gjensidige Liv Privat.
Approximately 37 percent of first quarter revenue was related to Continuum's CCA software product and 28 percent was related to Continuum's other life insurance products, LIFE-COMM (TM), LIFE/70 (TM) and CLOAS (TM).