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CLODContinuous Level-of-Detail (computer graphics)
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CLODCatholic Legion of Decency
CLODConcentration Limit of Detection
CLODCopy Left On Disk
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If I were to fall from one of these great clods, I should undoubtedly break my neck.
Well, then, suppose he has a few personal enemies in that mob and here and there a man or a woman with a secret grudge against him -- and suppose especially that he is unpopular in the community, for his pride, or his prosperity, or one thing or another -- stones and bricks take the place of clods and cats presently, don't they?
It was inconceivable that they should be flinging clods at him.
Having to face alone his own fields, he felt the inferiority of man who passes away before the clod that remains.
It was on one of the couch-burning plots that she laboured with her fork, its four shining prongs resounding against the stones and dry clods in little clicks.
The earth in the cart, with which the seed was mixed, was not crushed to powder, but crusted together or adhering in clods.
Clods were handy and the air was full of them in a twinkling.
After the apple and cherry trees broke into bloom, we ran about under them, hunting for the new nests the birds were building, throwing clods at each other, and playing hide-and-seek with Nina.
But no; with scarcely a pause Lizzie took the leap, stumbled among the rough clods and fell.
Some of the adults lay prone upon the soft mat of dead and decaying vegetation which covered the ground, while others turned over pieces of fallen branches and clods of earth in search of the small bugs and reptiles which formed a part of their food.
Not fifty yards away from him something fell in the Park, and all around him lumps of gravel and clods of earth fell in a shower.
He pelted her with clods and rocks, but she swam steadily on till she got the stick of "giant" in her mouth, when she whirled about and headed for shore.