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CLORCentralne Laboratorium Ochrony Radiologicznej (Polish: Central Laboratory on Radiological Protection; Warsaw, Poland)
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Clor, supra note 2, at 36-37 ("The traditional public morality that condemns the pornographic is part of an ethos associating sexuality with love or affection--or, at least, regarding it as a relation among persons, not just between bodies.
WHEN music magazines and serious national newspapers start doling out reviews like "ridiculously perfect" and "Britain's best new band" then you have to take notice Clor, above, a five-piece who banded together from various points around the country in south London's club land, are the latest hipsters to be lauded to the high heavens.
Co-founding Clor became a necessity for Barry Dobbin and Luke Smith after the success last year's Welcome, Music Lovers EP brought them.
To add to the delightful beach theme, a music room was always a high priority for pianist Clorinda; The shack before restoration; Clor Pictures: CHRISTOPHER DRAKE
Clor makes the anthropological and philosophical case for "an ethic of decency, socially recognized as a matter of communal concern, generally endorsed by the legal system" (24).
Clor presents arguments and counterarguments and reflections thereon.
Clor (614) 447-3600 National Materials Property Data network Inc.
1000 Carl Clor Memorial Scholarhip Jeff Sommars West Los Angeles Community College Los Angeles, Calif.
When news came out that the all-American Mustang was going to be based on a Japanese car and built by a Japanese company, plus move to front-wheel drive and again go back to losing its V-8 engine, the nameplate's legion of fans could hardly believe it," said John Clor, author of the book The Mustang Dynasty.
A student-friendly pile-up of bands including music from Clor, the Kooks, the Departure, Viva Voce and many more.