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CLOUTCase Law on UNCITRAL texts
CLOUTCitizens Lowering Our Unfair Taxes
CLOUTCitizens of Louisville Organized and United Together (Louisville, KY)
CLOUTCity of London Office Unit Trust (est. 2000)
CLOUTCoalition of Large Ohio Urban Townships
CLOUTCooperation and Linking Offer Unbeatable Transactions (agribusiness conference)
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Arguments about the country being over-centralised and the region having little political clout were all dismissed.
It merely means that where the elections are far more "ideological," or where the lines are more sharply drawn between candidates, such as in epic battles between right and wrong, decency and rottenness, good and evil, that clout isn't there.
Susie McFarland, director at Marketing Clout, said: “Today's marketing executive has to be far more clued up and on the ball than the marketing exec of yesteryear.
Dywed y Saeson: "Don't cast a clout till may is out".
When he s not representing a wide range of public entities and officials, he is exercising his clout on behalf of teachers and other employees of the Lone Star State's more than 1,250 schools and colleges.
And Paulson had doubts that Bush would have enough political clout left in his Administration to promote a significant agenda in 2007 and 2008.
The Spitzer presented here is someone who's constantly grappling with how far to go in applying his expanding clout without abusing it or damaging his carefully constructed crusading image.
Maybe a producer with clout might not be so chary, especially one who's been through the mill with gay projects, Out producing team Craig Zadan and Neil Meron have been trying for 15 years, with a variety of collaborators, to make The Mayor of Castro Street, gay journalist Randy Shilts's account of the wildly colorful life and tragic death of gay politico Harvey Milk.
We also must apply informed pressure on Congress by building solid, informed constituent clout.
While it is clear that metaphorical and spiritual trenches are being dug, those who we turn to for guidance and insight, and those who have some clout in this issue are painting Canada as being open and honest but other countries' churches in our communion as being underhanded and almost deceitful.
Could this signal a new age in which the film industry finally uses its clout to get the word out to mainstream America?