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CLOWNClass Orientation With (Petri-) Nets
CLOWNCrazy Lunatics of the Wild North (gaming)
CLOWNCity Leicester Oxford Warwick Network (mathematics academic interchange network; UK)
CLOWNClandestine Liberators of Oppressed Wimpy Nations (military slang/humor)
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Let's hope Andy The Clown from Lowestoft can smooth the politics out.
A longtime resident of the area, Rita Blair, echoed Wagner's belief when she said that she was not afraid of seeing random people in scary clown costumes walk down the streets every day.
Michael March, of Leam Lane, Gateshead was jailed for six months in February this year after he left a pregnant woman terrified when he was dressed as a killer clown brandishing a knife in the car park of the Sand Dancer pub, in Sea Road, South Shields, last year.
People now see a clown and think they are evil killers, but they are not," insists Malcolm, 62.
A TV series based on the novel starred Tim Curry as the clown who preyed on young children, dragging them down the drains.
Moody also pointed out the string of scary clown sightings, which went viral on the internet for a time, as more bad press for these legitimate performers.
The clown sightings recently led to the cancellation of a CWB fundraiser in Connecticut, organizers feeling as though it was not appropriate given recent events.
One person reported being attacked by a clown and another reported a clown attacking someone else.
As you know, clown costumes tend to exaggerate the facial features and some body parts - such as hands, feet and nose.
Creepy clown craze, the phenomenon in which a man disguises himself as an armed clown, has been sweeping across Britain for the past few weeks, amid mixed public feeling about the banter, because at times the funny element of it just ends even before the clown springs into action; his mere presence, judging by what has been reported so far, just kills off the aspect of humor.
In response, towns across the US have banned clown costumes for Halloween saying they have now become "symbols of terror" while chain store Target has banned the sale of masks.
Several of the reported clown sightings have also involved weapons and children will be warned that carrying a weapon, whether real or fake, is against the law and "may involve a full armed police response".