CLPSColipase Pancreatic
CLPSClosest Lattice Point Search
CLPSCriminal Law Policy Section (Canada and Australia)
CLPSCalibration Lamp Power Supply
CLPSCommon Logic with Power Supplies
CLPSCenter for Logic and Philosophy of Science
CLPSCrumpsall Lane Primary School (UK)
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In this study, the specific area of functionalized 3DOM CLPS was calculated according to the pore volume and pore size which were measured by the infiltrated volume method and SEM analysis respectively.
The physicochcmical data for the I'unclionalizeci 3DOM CLPS.
The adsorption capacities of the functionalized 3DOM CLPS lo remove the heavy metal ions silver(I) and mercury(II) from solution were investigated by batch method in aqueous solutions of the metal ions.
Metal ion adsorption data for the functionalized 3DOM CLPS.
Because of the high adsorption capacity of the functionalized 3DOM CLPS for [Ag.