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78) Further, in 1959, the CLRB rejected an application for certification for a small bank branch in Kitimat, British Columbia, ruling that the individual branch was not an appropriate bargaining unit.
CLRB ruling as cited in The Bank Book Collective, An Account to Settle, 52.
Although the CLRB decision recognized the right of Canadian bank workers to organize on a branch-by-branch basis, the banks put up a powerful fight.
By avoiding 16 CLRB in six months, the hospital saved $265,648 in variable costs
2) The CGE has made a submission concerning the CLRB (2003)
Cousins, Ben (2003) "Comments on the CLRB [B67-2003]" Submission to the Portfolio Committee on Agriculture and Land Affairs, 10th November.
In support of this value chain initiative, CLRB sought out a solution so that managers could "try out" possible options within a project before any implementation.
After an evaluation of other simulation tools on the market, CLRB selected MEGA International's MEGA Simulation to achieve this goal.
According Philippe Haniquaut, CLRB business process project manager, "Management is the key point of any business process-oriented approach.
CLRB has already identified several value chains where the application of MEGA Simulation will bring significant gains.
This is an important story to tell although the lessons are not new: the use of strikebreakers increases violence (and as the authors note, in Canada results in disputes lasting five times longer), a show of paramilitary force also leads to more violence, and the CLRB and federal government's unwillingness to act decisively can be fatal.