CLRCCentral Laboratory of the Research Councils (UK)
CLRCCopyright Law Review Committee (Australia)
CLRCCancer Legal Resource Center (Los Angeles, CA)
CLRCCanadian Livestock Records Corporation (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
CLRCCentral New York Library Resources Council (est. 1967)
CLRCCircuit Layout Record Card
CLRCClear Lake Recreation Center (Friendswood, TX)
CLRCChristian Legal Reformation Club (Avondale, PA, USA)
CLRCCustomer Resource Life Cycle
CLRCClosed-Loop Rate Control
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He said the standard operation procedures had also not been conveyed to CLRCs, those wanted to using express services, would need to appointment online and a service center official would be dedicated for such visitors.
The first centre to benefit as part of the delegation is the Deukhuri CLRC, constructed in 2015 in Gadhawa village in the Rapti Zone of the mid-western region of Nepal, where 68% of a total population of 12,453 are literate.
In 1989, only one year after the CLRC released its report, the Prices Surveillance Authority ('PSA') surveyed book prices in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States and found that prices in Australia were considerably higher.
37) Specifically, the CLRC recommended that if, during a police interrogation, an accused failed to mention a fact, which he or she later relied upon in court, the fact-finder could draw adverse inferences from the accused's failure to mention said facts.
The CLRC Digitization Plan provides a framework for the support of digitization activities that yield benefits to the public and relates this framework to other CLRC initiatives.
CLRC 1994 Stopping the Rip-offs: Intellectual Property Protection for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples: Issues Paper, International Trade Law and Intellectual Property Branch, Business Law Division, Attorney-General's Legal Practice, Canberra.
Thanks to Suzie Dod Thomas, Max Castro, Manuel Angel Castillo, Gisela Gellert, Mario Lungo, Sonia Baires, Elizabeth Martinez, Nestor Rodriguez, Nora Hamilton, Frank Bonilla, Richard Falk, John Isbister, and colleagues at CLRC and the Social Justice Editorial Board for feedback on earlier drafts.
In 1976, the Republic of Singapore became the first government to adopt the recommendations of the CLRC.
Rivalling the de Grummond in its holdings of books and of original materials--particularly those by Tomie dePaola, Phyllis Naylor, Marguerite Henry, Katherine Paterson, Ellen Raskin, Charles Mikolaycak, Wanda Gag, and Gustaf Tenggren--the CLRC also includes one of the largest collections of popular literature for children available to researchers, the Hess collection containing 1,200 comic books, 10,000 series books, and--at over 50,000 pieces--probably the world's largest collection of dime novels and story papers.
To ensure the capital adequacy of the subsidiaries over the next three years, China Re has committed to multiple rounds of capital infusion into CPCR, CLRC and the direct P&C insurance subsidiary, China Continent Property & Casualty Insurance Company Limited, throughout 2011 to 2013.
Talking to Dawn, a number of clients say they have to arrive at the CLRC [also known as Arazi Record Centre] at around 3 to 4am to get the token but the seats installed in the waiting area are [often] occupied by the alleged agents who fleece the people as the centre officials start issuing the token at around 8am to only those who sit on the 63 seats and after that no token is issued as per the decision of the centre's management.
The difficulty, or perhaps more accurately, the incongruity, of fitting authorless works into a legislative scheme requiring authors was recognised by the CLRC (141) and by Gummow, Hayne and Heydon JJ in IceTV.