CLRNCommunity Legal Resources Network
CLRNChemical Laboratory Response Network
CLRNComprehensive Local Research Network (National Institute for Health Research; UK)
CLRNCoalition of Little Rock Neighborhoods (Little Rock, AR)
CLRNCalifornia Learning Resource Network
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The CLRN approval verifies that Writing Roadmap meets California's standards for educational software and electronic learning resources," said Ellen Haley, president of CTB/McGraw-Hill.
Being listed on the CLRN means educators will know exactly how Lightspan's products correlate to California state standards, which is especially important in this period of increased accountability at both the state and federal levels," says CLRN's director Bridget Foster.
The DimensionM games mark the first time CLRN reviewed a content rich video game and it definitely set the bar high for educational games and simulations in K-12 education.
We are proud that CLRN has reviewed us, and included our top-notch programs as Electronic Learning Assessment Resources on their CLRN site, so that we can help California students prepare for and excel on the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE)," says Harry Barfoot, Vantage Learning's Vice President of Marketing.
To view the K-8 i-Ready Diagnostic & Instruction Reading listing on the CLRN website, visit http://clrn.
the company has submitted seven interactive digital programs to Phase 3 of the CLRN Digital Textbook Initiative - the only major publisher to provide content through this phase of the initiative.
The CLRN maintains an interactive Web site that enables educators to identify and select educational resources aligned to the State Board of Education standards, providing the vital information they need to make critical evaluations.
Approval by CLRN shows that Yearly ProgressPro is aligned to the California Content Standards, and can be used in the State to support and enhance standards-based learning.
The CLRN review indicates that Advanced Academics meets legal compliance and aligns to California Content Standards.
SmartHelp will be included in the CLRN database and Web site
CLRN has identified Homeroom as a supplemental electronic learning resource that meets both local instructional needs and embodies the implementation of California curriculum frameworks and standards.